Logistics services
We use the most effective logistics chains and utilise a responsible approach to the shipping of both finished products and raw materials.

50 units
Own vehicles in our fleet
We manage a fleet of more than 100 vehicles, and have our own transport to ensure the efficiency of operations, and 13 of them (grain carriers, flour carriers) are special transportation vehicles.

Delivery of both raw material and finished products are handled by Internal logistics division

We provide outbound clients with logistic services
We own and operate own gas stations, providing universal service. We charge carriers 40% of the fuel they use, and we have been in close communication with carriers for the past 14 years via partner services.

Since 2018, we have collaboration with Danone project, ensuring that we can provide them vehicles within a day after a request.

Personalized approach to customers
More than 7 years
In the field of cargo transportation

Up to 700 thousand tons
Agricultural products are shipped annually