CBS Commodities Group
12 years
on the market
>500 000
Tons of trade turnover
Production facilities

>190 000
Tons of product per year
The CBS Commodities activities
Compound Feed Production
One of the leading manufacturers of innovative compound feed for cattle.
Poultry farm
The rich homemade flavor of chicken is the main priority of grain farming technology. Poultry grown only on natural feed, without hormones or steroids.
Grain storage and elevator services
4 major grain elevators in Belgorod and Voronezh regions with fast and secure logistic supply chains. Preferential terms and conditions for our clients.
Seed Oil Production
Unrefined oil production using a two-stage pressing and extrusion process. Thorough control over raw material input.

Logistic Services
Flexibility in product delivery. Tailor made approach to suite client’s requests.
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